Rock and/or Roll.
Esther. Las Vegas living, Libra-souled anarchist. Here you'll find a whole lot of music, musings, and whatever else catches my eye. Care to spark up a conversation? x)
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Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains. (via inhumanated)

(via noone-givesafuck)

And I’ll drink myself to death.
or at least i’ll drink myself to sleep.
Chain smoke my way through the gaps in between
my aspirations and my apathy.
Watch "ZEMS Way Sesh 4.17.14" on YouTube    →

ZEMS Way Sesh 4.17.14 guuyyyss we had a drum circle/chanting day in these tunnels and wow

So yesterday was pretty radical, a good 8 hours of hiking and a night filled with acro-yoga, hulahooping and fire spinning, drainage tunnel drum circles, art and vodka. Man.

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